Job Descriptions

CONTACT: Beth Kiernan, Volunteer Coordinator

We’re in need of volunteers who are available before, during and after the 2014 regatta. We encourage everyone with an interest in the sport to sign up.  You must be 14 years old the day of the event to apply for a volunteer role. You’ll need a valid e-mail address and access to the Internet to register.

Our venue is on Crown Point Shores, along Mission Bay.  We anticipate cool cloudy mornings and warm sunny afternoons, but it can instead be rainy with temperatures in the 50s.  Dress in layers, and remember a jacket, sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen.  Docks may become slippery so wear appropriate footwear.

There are many areas of the regatta that need your help. Some of these positions require little or no experience while some require specific Crew Classic experience. Please review the job descriptions below and then click HERE to sign up.

Once you have completed the questions on Eventbrite, our Volunteer Coordinator, Beth Kiernan, will be in touch via e-mail.  If you do not have e-mail, please call the office to reach Beth.

Your experience as a Crew Classic volunteer is extremely important to us. That’s why all volunteers are provided with the training necessary to perform their roles.

Volunteer Check-In will be open starting on Friday, April 4 from 1:00-5:00 pm. This optional early check-in affords you the opportunity to receive a brief orientation, to pick up your name badge and T-shirt (if desired) to wear the day you volunteer, and to familiarize yourself with your work assignment. Job-specific training will be provided at the event, and you will receive food vouchers to purchase one meal during your shift.  If you are unable to come on Friday, please report to the Volunteer Check-In Tent at the South Gate (green parking lot) at Crown Point Shores on the day you are scheduled.

NOTE: Free parking will be available off-site at several Mission Bay lots, and a free shuttle will escort you to the venue between 5:30am and closing. Please remember to allow time to park and ride the shuttle prior to your shift. (Paid parking is also available at Crown Point Shores, though it is extremely limited. Lots fill early each day.)

If you need documentation of community service hours, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Job Descriptions

The San Diego Crew Classic has volunteers in several areas. Please review the positions listed and select on the Eventbrite website those that best fit you.  You may choose more than one if you wish. You will be contacted by a Volunteer Coordinator to review details.  THANK YOU!

AREA 1:  Race Operations
  • Trophies: Work in teams of three people to keep track of the winning crew from the finish line to the shore and bring them to the trophy tent for presentation of medals and trophy.  Fast paced and sometimes hectic, must be friendly, outgoing and assertive in your persuasion with the crews and their coach/coxswain.   Will use a walkie-talkie and keep in contact with the trophy tent to keep updated on the winning crew’s whereabouts and arrival to the tent.  Will be working in the full sun, so please wear a hat and sun screen; “tennis” shoes are highly recommended as you will be on the beach, in the sand and on grass.
  • Weigh-In: Weigh athletes during scheduled times throughout the weekend.
  • Beach Master: Be part of the team that assures boats get launched and retrieved with all necessary equipment and identifiers including bow numbers and bow balls, race and lane number stickers, etc. This is the heart of the action. New volunteers welcome! Must wear shoes/clothes that can get wet/sandy. Returning Beach Master volunteers get a special recognition t-shirt. Volunteers needed starting Monday, March 31st. Four-hour shifts preferred at the regatta.
  • Scoreboard: Post the times for each race.
AREA 2:  Water Operations
  • Divers are needed during the week before the event to locate anchors on the floor of the Mission Bay for course installation, and on Sunday after the event to pull the course. Race course installation needs small boat drivers and other helpers all of the week before, particularly the Wednesday before the regatta.
  • Out-board motor mechanics:  Keep motors running on 25 small boats used to follow the races, remove kelp and secure the course.
  • Small boat drivers: Experienced drivers needed to drive launches which follow the races and remove kelp from the course.  Drivers also needed starting Tuesday April 1 to install the course, hours vary.  Also needed: stakeboat shuttle drivers, perimeter control, lunch and stakeboat volunteers.
  • Crew:  Assist skippers in the small boats; also for course removal on Sunday following the regatta, approximately 10 people to wash and sort gear.
  • Operations dock workers: Support the activities of the 25 boats on the water such as loading of equipment and passengers including referees and media.
  • Boat Yard assistants are needed before, during and after the regatta to launch, pull, fuel, clean and repair the small boats. Boat Yard is at Campland on the Bay.  Hours are flexible and no experience is required.
  • Odd jobs:  If you have no specific experience but want to help, we need volunteers with time to spare starting Monday, March 31 to set up the course.  You’ll work with a lively experienced group to ensure the course is ready and the event goes off without a hitch.
AREA 3:  Shore Operations
  • Alumni assistant:  Assist Alumni Coordinator Saturday morning to welcome alumni groups and escort them to their tents.
  • Volunteer Check-In assistant:  Assist Volunteer Coordinator in administrative efforts, welcome volunteers.
  • Greeter: work outside the Admissions Gate or roam the venue offering assistance to spectators and the general public.
  • Security:  Support the paid security staff at entry gates.
  • Trash pickup: Assist limited paid staff to maintain a healthy, clean venue.
AREA 4:  Hospitality
  • Pasta Party:  Two shifts available to set up, clear tables, and then clean up this special Friday night event for collegiate rowers.  (2:00 – 4:00pm, 5:00 – 7:00pm)

Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you at the regatta!