Mission Statement
The San Diego Crew Classic is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose purpose is to orchestrate the premier spring rowing regatta in the United States while promoting the highest ideals of amateur athletics and hosting an event that is a source of pride for the citizens of San Diego.

Mailing Address
San Diego Crew Classic
1875 Quivira Way, C-6
San Diego, CA  92109

Executive Director
Darlene Disney
Phone: (619) 225-0300
Fax: (619) 225-0301
Press Release

Chris Swan, President
Sean Jenkins, Past President
Open, President Elect
Dan O’Neill, Vice President & Treasurer
Beth O’Shea, Secretary
Michelle Schooler, Vice President (Shore Operations)
Duke Robinson, Vice President (Water Operations)
Luke Walton, Vice President (Race Operations)

Board of Directors
Susan Rezner, Brunch Committee Chair
Randi Larsson, Sharp Hospital Liaison
Sharon Little, Registrar (Race Operations)

Seasonal Staff
Shirley Doell, Course Manager
Keith Ericson, Site Manager
Russell Moore, Water Operations Manager

Team Leaders
Diane DeLuca, Beach Master
Olivia Knizek, Trophies
Andrea Caroe, Perimeter Boats
Mary Bush, Human Resources
Mark Davis, Collegiate Competition
Christine Dupraw, Water Volunteers
Mike Hazelrig, Seeding
Kathie Johnson, Pasta Party
Kim Booth, Volunteers
Randi Larsson, Emergency and First Aid
Nicole Muehlhauser, Social Media
Bill Scheffel, Cash Management